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Do you spend night and day daydreaming about the fascinating world of media production? Do you have incredible ideas that you wish to see transform into reality? If so, S and R Artistry are here to lend a helping hand! Whether you need assistance with audiobook production or audio post-production, you can rest assured that our impeccable recording studios and client-oriented stratagems have got you covered every step of the way! From the bottom of our hearts, we prioritize you and your ambitions — and we understand the need for state-of-the-art production services that align with your extraordinary vision and pave the way for remarkable sound design. Do you feel the burning desire to showcase all of this hard work to the masses? Do you need help effectively promoting your music to every corner of the world? Not only does S and R Artistry provide you with incredible production services, but we are also here to ensure that your voice is heard.  Truth be told, branding and promotion hold power to catalyze your growth to great degrees — and this is a matter that S and R Artistry do not take lightly. You see, we understand the heartfelt aspiration to witness adoration and love for your music — which is why we have created a comprehensive guide just for you. You can rest assured that all of those sleepless, caffeinated nights won’t go to waste!

The Dawn of the Internet and the Digital Age

Thanks to the groundbreaking advancements in the modern-day era, it is now easier than ever to immerse yourself in the realms of music production and promotion. Before the Internet and the MP3 file format, the only way to promote your music was to use records and CDs and land distribution deals through renowned record labels. Most independent indie artists did not possess such capital and networks, making it rather difficult for your music to receive recognition.  The early 2000s, however, technologically revolutionized the state of affairs with the introduction of the Internet and the release of the iPod with iTunes. Additionally, the launch of peer-to-peer file-sharing software by pioneer Napster also made a noteworthy difference and paved the way for contemporary streaming services. The Digital recording processes and computers, too, left a substantial impact on music-makers worldwide by allowing them to indulge in audio production at home and fulfill their dreams.

Significance of Music Promotion

Maybe you’re seeking to make a living out of this passion of yours — or perhaps you pay no heed to money whatsoever. Regardless of your purpose, music promotion is essential to allow others to discover you and obtain successful results. You spend day after day racking your brain for ideas and then executing them in recording studios. So it only makes sense to ensure that the entire world witnesses that talent! By promoting your music to audiences through the radio, the press, and the Internet, your creativity will receive endless exposure and large fan followings.  You can contact S And R Artistry today for an array of professional production services! Read ahead to learn how to reach your target audience!

How to Promote Your Music Through Social Media

For music lovers worldwide to discover your music and become enthusiastic fans, they need to know you down to your very core! Be sure to display only the most authentic representation of yourself for the best results. Use the following steps for guaranteed social media success!  

  • Choose the Right Artist Name: Arguably one of the most critical aspects of your identity, your name remains a part of your brand for a very long time. Because it persistently sticks with you, it is crucial to choose a unique name that stays true to your innermost self and allows others to find you because it persistently sticks with you effortlessly. We recommend visiting www.uspto.gov to search for trademarks effectively.

  • Post a Professional Profile Picture: Bid farewell to those phone or webcam selfies. Your social profile demands only the most professional picture you can find! Invest time and energy into selecting one that reflects your true self and speaks volumes about your art as well. 

  • Add a Detailed Bio: The key is to tremendously appeal to viewers and lure them toward your exciting music! Don’t be afraid to tell the world who you are! Go all out with the descriptions in your social media bio, and emphasize intriguing highlights of both your life and your artistic career as authentically as possible.

  • Add Relevant Links: Because the very purpose of social media is to bring people together effectively, this is your chance to share your artistry with various others! Don’t shy away from adding links to your music. When fans stumble upon your pages, they should be able to discover your talent with ease.

  • Select Your Region or City: Before expanding globally, it is essential to promote your music in your specific region or city first. Make sure to specify your location on your page to appeal to local audiences! Once you create buzz, the endless possibilities of national growth await you!

Top Social Media Websites for Music Promotion

  • SoundCloud: Consisting of over 250 million songs, SoundCloud simplifies the process of music sharing like never before. The music-oriented audio distribution platform is a suitable fit for those seeking to dive into the world of music production for the very first time. 

  • YouTube: Used by over one billion people, YouTube is another wonderful option for music promotion. The globally renowned social media platform greatly facilitates the process of music sharing, allowing you to post the likes of music videos and behind-the-scenes content.

  • TikTok: Known as the hub of personalized short videos, TikTok has been growing increasingly popular as of late. Consider getting your music added to the current pool of 150,000 royalty-free tracks for incredible exposure! Additionally, colossal social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook also serve as excellent platforms for digital music promotion.

Top Digital Music Distribution Companies

If you’re looking for a digital music distribution service to popularize your talent and make your music accessible to others, you’ve come to the right place! For your convenience, we’ve listed the top three digital music distribution companies below.

  • Distrokid: Regarded as one of the most distinguished, well-reputed companies in the market, Distrokid leaves no stone unturned while sending your music to streaming services! You get to submit as much as you’d like and also keep all royalties! It gets better.

  • CD Baby: Once a CD duplication service, CD Baby has now transformed into a celebrated digital music distribution service. For additional charges, you may even print CDs or vinyl records of your precious music!

  • TuneCore: Yet another excellent option for digital music distribution is TuneCore. The old, acclaimed company also offers a unique Songwriter Services program and lets you keep 100% of your revenue!

What Are You Waiting For? The World Of Music Awaits You!

Do you feel ready to embark on your new musical journey? The key is to produce high-quality, original music that lives up to industry standards and unabashedly stands out in a pool of competitors. Once you’ve met all of the requirements, proceed to promote your songs on your social media pages and take the assistance of digital music distribution companies. Before you know it, thousands of ardent music lovers will discover you and eventually become passionate fans. Reach out to S and R Artistry today for esteemed production services — and create professional content to chase your dreams!